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Any other jobs are based on £15.00 per hour.
All prices exclude parts.
Other work can be carried out as required. Please call for
more information, advice and prices.
Safety checks
Brake checks and adjustments
Tyre checks and inflation
Chain checks and lubrication
Basic wheel true
Headset adjust
Bottom bracket and hubs checked
All nuts and bolts checked and tightened
Cleaned throughout
Includes service as above
Wheel true - from £5.00
Hub service front - £5.00
Hub service rear - £5.00
Gear adjustment - £5.00
Brake adjustment - £5.00
Chain replacement - £4.00
Cassette replacement - £5.00
Fit headset - £10.00
Fit bottom bracket - £10.00
Fit forks - £10.00
Standard Service £20
New bike build from £20.00
Selection of other prices
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